Immune Health Series E4- Hydration

💚The. Healthy. Way. Vibes. 💚 💦Hydration 💧 ⭐️Proper hydration for a stronger immune system💚 🥤It’s crucial to drink your 2-3 liters of water per day😉 🌟Did you know that water is in every one of our hundred of trillions of cells and tissues, organs... needless to say, that it is critical for survival 🙄duh!!! 💧Average % of water in the human body is 50- 60% However depending on your body fat it will vary sometimes quite a lot...⭐️Fat cells don’t hold water much therefore the more weight you’ve got to lose the less % water you have no matter how much you drink!!!
😀Slowly losing the extra lbs will slowly increase your water % ... making you healthier and healthier 😊 Check our latest video 😊

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