Immune Health Series E7-Vitamin C

💚The. Healthy. Way. Vibes. 💚 🍊How good is Vitamin C for our bodies? 🥝 💥Vitamin C (water-soluble) cannot be produced by our body therefore it must be in our diet/ supplements. 💥Want to boost your Vitamin C ... know this: Ten oranges today have the same amount of vitamin C in one orange 25 years ago! Red pepper contains 3 x more Vitamin C than orange...when raw. 💥unfortunately Vitamin C is easily removed by boiling and also by prolonged storage of fresh fruits and vegetables as it reduces their Vitamin C content considerably. 💥Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron as soon as it gets in the intestinal tracks. 💥It helps produce collagen... think healthy-looking skin😊 💥Essential for the neurotransmitter in our brain and nervous system! 🌀For the immune system, it enhances the function of the white blood cells to gobble up invading bacterias! 🦠 💥lastly, what seems the most attractive about vitamin C : very powerful antioxidant as it protects the DNA from oxidative damage in return, reducing the risk of cancer, memory loss... even slowing the aging process! 🤔 Did you know... 1932, Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered the chemical ascorbic acid ( vitamin C) that enables the body to efficiently use carbohydrates, fats, and protein. This discovery helped many with those with Scurvy!!

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