The Healthy Home -The Kitchen -E3c

 💚The. Healthy. Way. Vibes.💚

🍳KITCHEN🥪 The kitchen is the Heart ❤️ of the house!!! 🌟The place where you sit & mingle whilst sharing a drink accompanied by nice food with friends & family. But, are you aware of those hidden dangers☠️? Want the e-book? 🌀Convenience is playing a huge role in our kitchen! 🙄 We want it fast, we want it easy to clean, we want it non stick.... and yet we don’t think about how it all reacts in/on our bodies & at the cellular level 🤭 🎥 In our video, we are sharing some of the aspects of what could make our kitchen🔪 the enemy of our health!! 🌀😊Yes with us you are in good hands as this can be avoided if you have the knowledge which we gift to you 💝 Remember each small step goes towards a healthier you with habits & tools!! 💚Enjoy and let us know which change you can adopt! 🎁 listen for the giveaway book as you could be the lucky winner!🎁 #thehealthywayvibes #thehealthywayvibeshomes


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