Helping Hands

Today we have had the pleasure of  having we two special guests Alina and Narivana Kamrudin. They are two sisters on a mission to make a difference at a very young age.

Find out how simple bracelets can make a huge difference.

Alina is a confident, strong and a boss lady at 7 years old.  Nirvana is a confident, sassy and mommy’s little helper at 5 years old. 
The girls and I have been talking for a while about what we can do to give back to our communities.  Recently I bought them a rainbow loom kit to make bracelets and other crafts and that is where our idea was born.  Alina suggested that we could make bracelets and then sell them to raise money for charity.  She even came up with the “business” name of Helping Hands.  Both Alina and Nirvana are so dedicated to this initiative and put in so much effort.  We three sit together after dinner, watch movies and make bracelets together.  It has truly been such an amazing experience to do this with them, encourage them and see them light up every time I tell them we have a new customer. 
We also came up with the idea of donating $200 per charity.  Our first charity that we choose was BC Children’s Hospital and I am so proud to say that only after going public with our Facebook page for 3 days we were able to raise $200.  Our next charity of choice will be something to do with supporting our local LGBTQ communities in support of Pride long weekend. To date we have sold 32 bracelets and have made close to $300.
We have also started to take custom orders! 

You can make difference by connecting with Helping Hands on Facebook. 

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