Dr. Fareen Koorjee ND

We at The Healthy Way Vibes are very fortunate to have Dr. Fareen Koorjee join us once a month to share valuable information regarding our health. She has a very holistic approach to life and Dr. Fareeen is very passionate about helping her patients' health.

As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Fareen engages an integrative and holistic approach to medicine by drawing on her four years of medical school training along with two years of studies in Traditional Chineses Medicine and Ayurveda. In her approach to caring for her patients, Dr. Fareen uses the latest most advanced diagnostic tools, laboratory testing, and imaging combined with a thorough health history to understand each patient as an individual. She also uncovers the underlying cause of her patient's illness and creates an individualized treatment plan.

She draws on modalities of nutrition, eastern and western botanicals, mind-body practices, naturopathic needling, constitutional cupping, IV therapies, and when necessary pharmaceutical interventions.

**Always check with your physician for your personalized care.


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