We are four friends who have come together to share our passion for health and living life with abundance. We discuss everything from boosting your immune system to gardening tips, cooking, and everything in between.  

During this process, we have partnered with a company that shares the same values as us: Excellence, Community, Health, Integrity and together we are impacting many people, enhancing their way of life.                                             

And we have a lot of fun along the way!!

Meet The Healthy Way Vibes -Health Warriors:

Fatima Sumar:

Fatima is a Philanthropic Entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people live their healthiest versions of themselves and help them find their voice on Social Media. She is very creative, intuitive, curious, loyal, spiritual, adventurous, resilient, empathetic, and caring. She has a heart of gold but most importantly gives back to the community in so many ways. Fatima enjoys a good laugh with her friends and family.

She was born to be a leader and is always the first one to step forward and help others. Fatima never turns away from a challenge and gracefully transforms every time with a smile. It is in her DNA to do volunteer work with purpose. She absolutely loves spending her Saturday morning teaching grade 1 students and has been doing this for 28 years on a voluntary basis and has been involved with the World Partnership Walk (alleviating global poverty) for 35 years.

There is nothing Fatima cannot do! She has started four businesses (Wedding Planning, Designing Jewellery, Social Media Consulting, and Health and Wellness), she has published a book on her poetry and thrives when she is inspiring others through her passion for public speaking.

On the personal side, she is a dancer, loves the water and all water activates, loves to explore her city, enjoys traveling, is a foodie, loves to learn, meditates regularly, and loves taking pictures. Health and beauty are always top of mind.

The world is your oyster!


Frederic Gagne:

Frederic in an Executive Chef and has traveled the world for many years. Over the years, he has become a health nut! From the food he eats to the products he uses on his skin even the air he breathes which he always makes sure it’s pure.

There is no surprise as to why Frederic and his family settled in Vancouver BC with the fresh air, mountains, ocean, and forests, also, while enjoying a myriad of cultures, religions, foods, and languages. They absolutely love it in Vancouver. Fredric and his family are avid hikers and Mother Nature.

Until recently, he was the Executive chef of the largest restaurant on the West side of Canada. In the course of his career, Frederic implemented cleaner, fresher, and nicer food to the menu based on using real ingredients and the business grew. People love fresh food.

He now preaches living the whole food lifestyle and embodies his teachings. He caters, teaches, and makes food tasty and appealing to the eye packed with nutrients and superfoods. People love how they feel after eating Frederic’s food!  They have more energy, beautiful glowing skin, healthier, and happier.

Its Frederic’s desire is to fill this world with greatness and health.

Contact Info:fredericgagne.usana.com

John Leung:

John is a husband and a work-from-home father of 2 young teens, he enjoys spending time exploring the world his my family, taking road trips, cycling, and now tackling on the miles as a newbie runner. This stems from growing up on the Canadian prairies surrounded by vast wheat and cornfields, fishing with his father, and canning foods for the harsh winters.

You can say nature and wholesome cooking are in his DNA. John is a coffee connoisseur and loves the health benefits coffee has for men over 50.  

John’s passion for promoting healthy living and lifestyle choices came from the result of an accident that took away many years of sports competition. John struggled and knew he had to retrain his body to regain a pain-free body. Seeing how some of these choices have made a huge difference to his physical health and his loved ones, John now enjoys sharing what he has learned over the years in the hope others will be able to live life to its fullest.

It is never too late to make positive decisions to maintain and improve our well-being. Health is the most important wealth!


Saireen Neilsen:

Saireen is happily married. Her friends and family tell her that she is kind, thoughtful, caring, spiritual, introspective and fun.

She is an entrepreneurial woman who supports and inspires other people to live their best lives. Saireen is a heart lead intuitive coach who is deeply passionate about helping others. She has partnered with a two time Olympian basketball player and his Canada One Foundation as a sponsor to give back to her community through KitsFest. While living in Toronto, Saireen created a foundation designed to give back to the figure skating community in Toronto and she hosted an event to raise money for the Children’s Hunger Fund in Vancouver.

She loves to cook gluten and dairy-free recipes. Saireen is a fashionista who loves being at Fashion Shows. Both Saireen and her husband adore listening to live music of all types. They also enjoy going to the Toronto International Film Festival, various Jazz Festivals, and traveling around the world (exploring new cities, cultures, hotels, beaches, and great restaurants.) They share a desire for living a healthy lifestyle. Saireen expresses herself creatively through fashion, designing jewelry, and creating bathing suit cover-ups.
Saireen enjoys life, and lives it to the fullest.

Contact info:saireen.usana.com

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